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08 Jan: The Real Start

By the start of 2016, yes it took a while, David was in position with a budget that he knew would be adequate to do whatever it took to get the facility and the FZero to the market. In January, 3 mechanical engineers; Adam, Matt and Zac started work and a lot more machinery was acquired. Now Rodin had the equipment and the manpower to make things happen.

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03 Jun: Second start

In 2005, David and his wife moved to a property that was much more suitable for the project. It was still in the South Island of NZ, but 125km north of Christchurch, instead of 95km south. This much larger property, over 1400 acres, was on a tar sealed road frontage, whereas the old place had a kilometre of dirt road as the only access way. Once established at Wandle Downs,…

3a 2002 first start GT1

03 Aug: First start

In 2002 Rodin Cars took on a GT1 car and project that had been developed by Lola, in 1999, for a customer in the UK. This was a 2 seater Le Mans car that could potentially form the basis of both a road car and a car for the track. The budget was still not in place and it was soon obvious that the raison d’etre of the car wasn’t…

2-1999 beginnings dicker data

03 Jun: Beginnings

The Rodin Project genesis was way back in 1999 when property in NZ was acquired which David hoped would become the project base. At the time, he had a successful IT distribution business in Australia but was not actively involved in the day to day operations. Why not pursue the project in Australia, with its bigger, wealthier markets? By the year 2000, the government, police and mainstream media had pretty…