Step behind the scenes

Step behind the scenes

  • Test Driving the Fzed
    Greg Murphy test drives the Rodin Cars Fzed.
  • Rodin Cars Facilities
    Explore the Rodin Cars facilities and take a look behind the scenes at the track, machinery and engineering.

  • What is Rodin Cars
    Sky Sport comes to find out just exactly what Rodin Cars is all about, and talks to our founder, David Dicker.

  • Interview with Greg Murphy
    Talking to Greg Murphy about his test drive of the Rodin Cars FZed.

  • FZED On Track - First laps on the new tar!
    Rodin founder, David Dicker, takes the FZED for some relaxing laps around the Stage 3A test track in New Zealand to try out how good the new tar feels following the resurfacing completed earlier this month.

  • How 3D printing is helping Rodin Cars build the FZED
    The Rodin mission is to build the best car we can; from an engineering, quality and aesthetic point of view. Tight space constraints and durability of components are common problems faced by the motorsport manufacturing industry. However, with the implementation of state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies, the Rodin team of engineers are able to avoid these difficulties and challenges. Our collection of HP 3D printers allows complex parts, both for end-use and prototyping, to be manufactured and tested in-house at the New Zealand facilities. Tight tolerances and aesthetic considerations are achieved, waste minimised, and a lighter, stronger, better quality product achieved. The FZED is built on the foundation of innovation, engineering, and consideration.

  • Rodin FZED. Nothing Like It.
    Welcome to Rodin Cars. Our vision is to design and develop Formula 1-style supercars for enthusiasts and collectors, for those who understand the art of driving and want to experience the unrestricted exhilaration which accompanies that. We don't manufacture cars. We create art.

  • FZED Lap at Rodin Cars New Zealand Facilities
    The Rodin Cars FZED completes some fast-paced laps on the custom built Rodin Cars test track in the Mt Lyford region of New Zealand.

  • Rodin FZED lap in New Zealand
    Join us as we take the Rodin FZED out for a run around the custom built test track in New Zealand. Just listen to that engine!