Second start

In 2005, David and his wife moved to a property that was much more suitable for the project. It was still in the South Island of NZ, but 125km north of Christchurch, instead of 95km south. This much larger property, over 1400 acres, was on a tar sealed road frontage, whereas the old place had a kilometre of dirt road as the only access way. Once established at Wandle Downs, with a better budget in place, construction began on the facility while planning for the test tracks took place.
David had come to the conclusion that the two-seater idea was dead, so the decision was made to build a single seat car that would be designed only for the track and would aim to lap faster than a contemporary Formula One car. That was the genesis of the FZero. A road version of the car, with the same single seat configuration, was also planned.
Now there was a very clear goal and David knew exactly what he was trying to do.
The next few years were spent designing the car entirely on computers. The budget required was also looking much more achievable.
David then hired the first employee, Ritchie, who was tasked with building the test tracks.
Rather than go the conventional route using contractors, equipment was purchased; excavators, bulldozer, rollers, and trucks. All the base work was done within the company. It took longer but cost less. However, the real advantage was being able to obsess over the details to get things exactly right. And if it wasn’t right, it could be done again.